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Healthy Plates. Chef Prepared Meals.

No gimmicks. No magic pills. No short cuts. Just REAL results

GOURMETGAINZ is all about progress and making a better you! Our chef created meals are completely based on your goals and nutritional needs to ensure your goals turn into reality.

Insanely good food for insanely busy people.

Whether you’re unsure where to start in your health journey, don’t have the time to commit to preparing the necessary meals to hit your goals, or you are just unable to break through your current fitness plateau, GOURMETGAINZ is here to help. Our team works with you hand-in-hand to put together fresh, professionally prepared meals that meet the nutritional needs you require.

Perfect for: busy professionals, families, goal-inspired bodybuilders, athletes, anyone looking to live a healthier lifestyle

How it works.


We can work with you to determine exactly how to achieve your goals based on your lifestyle, diet & workout program.


We select a macronutrient schedule that’s wholly personalized to your lifestyle and goals.


Select your meals for the week! We are happy to help you narrow down some options to ensure your meal choices meet your goals. We offer Vegan options as well as gluten free dishes.


Pick up your fresh, never frozen meals for the entire week on Monday.

Target Customer: Gourmet Gainz is not a service strictly for bodybuilders or fitness competitors. We are a service that was created for anyone looking to improve themselves through nutrition. Our customers encompass everyone from busy professionals to athletes and everyone in between.

How many meals do I have to order? There are no subscriptions or minimum orders required for our services. Whether you are getting 1 meal or 50, we want to help you come closer to achieving your goals.

How do I get the meals? Meals are picked up every Monday at The Allen Street Grill. They can be picked up any time after 5PM.

Where do I submit orders? Orders can be submitted through our website or directly to Curtis Shulman at curt@hotelstatecollege.com

When are orders placed? ALL orders for Monday pick up are due by the previous Thursday no later than 10:30AM

How do I store my meals? Meals are designed to be refrigerated and reheated in the microwave. The recommended shelf lives of Gourmet Gainz meals are no longer than 7 days

How do I pay for my meals? Authorization forms are provided to allow Gourmet Gainz to charge your credit card after each order placed. We will work with you for other payment methods if this method does not suit you

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