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We are not doctors or registered dieticians but we have seen a lot of our friends and customers crush their goals by following these 3 “pillars of improved nutrition.”

  1. Learn to love water! Liquid calories are often one of the largest contributors to poor nutrition. Embrace water and let it be your primary source of hydration for the day. If caffeine is a necessity for you (like it is for us), then go for the black coffee! Adding sugar, creamer and other sweeteners tack on a ton of garbage calories that don’t align with your goals.
  1. Be aware of what’s fueling the flavor of your food. There are a ton of great seasonings & dressings out there that can pump your food full of flavor, while still respecting your meal plan. Avoid the dressings and rubs loaded with sugar and unhealthy fats. Empty calories are not our friends!

Our favorite dressing base is avocado oil but to appease our wallets we often go for the extra virgin olive oil. Take a look at the Flavor God products too, great flavor without the BS (\

  1. Save your carbohydrates for when you’re most active. Carbohydrates are one of the most efficient providers of energy for your body; unfortunately, they get a bad rep because they can easily turn to fat. By intaking the majority of your carbs during your peak activity times, you help ensure they are being utilized and not stored. Excess glycogen that is not used for energy is stored as fat. For most of our schedules, this means to consume the bulk of your carbs between breakfast and the early afternoon. Once dinner time is in your sights, focus on your high-quality proteins and healthy fats.

Some helpful mental notes to help you stay the course!

  • Consistency is key! The goal is to condition your body to efficiently utilize all the food that you are consuming. Nutrition is a game of input and output. In layman terms, if your intake exceeds your output, you will gain weight and if you output exceeds your intake, you will lose weight. In order to make this process sustainable, it is best to take a slow and steady approach. Stay committed and avoid the drastic peaks and valleys
  • Be Reasonable with yourself! There will be times you stray from your nutritional plan…let it go! Health includes happiness and sometimes it is good to indulge. This does not mean embrace reckless eating, it just means allow yourself to enjoy your guilty pleasures once in a while. After that “cheat meal” is done, hop back on track with your next meal. In the big scheme of things, if you are eating 5 meals a day, and you over indulge on 2 of them, you still have 33 healthy and productive meals in you! That’s a great week of eating and it will still keep you creeping towards your goal.
  • EATING HEALTHY SHOULD NOT BE MISERABLE!!! Read that again!!! EATING HEALTHY SHOULD NOT BE MISERABLE! Yes, there will be some compromises but it’s about balance. Focus on the end goal and the mirror rather than the speed of your results and the scale.

Some of our favorite snacks

AM Snacks (Includes PM Snacks)

Nonfat Greek Yogurt (We Prefer: Oikos Triple Zero) • Fairlife Milk (Great Protein – No Lactose) • Rice Cakes with natural peanut butter • Fruits (Go for the lower GI fruits: i.e. Cherries, pears, strawberry’s) • Trail mix (Avoid candy focus blends. Go with the nut and fruit option) • Protein bars (avoid the super high sugar and fat selections. Our preferred brand is the “no cow bar”)

PM Snacks

Beef Jerky • Ostrim stick • Protein Shake (include a healthy fat source, natural peanut butter, Avocado, etc.) • Lean Deli Meat with a handful of raw nuts • Low Fat Cottage Cheese • Hummus with raw veggies